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There are lots of super fast animals on the planet. Everybody understands the cheetah, which runs at sixty miles an hour just for a brief while, but what about other creatures with rate? I know a few that are quicker than any on earth. It’s a bird and a bug and such as the cheetah, both of these have issues with their speed also. The fastest bird appears to be the peregrine falcon. It goes around two hundred mph by electricity diving but never stops until it hits something it aims like prey. In the world wars, the Nazis trained and employed peregrine falcons to hunt down and kill carrier pigeons. Up to now, a few of the pigeons succeeded in bringing messages back and avoiding falcons that is among the reasons why the Nazis lost. He trains it to fly with such speed they can scare away geese preventing plane wrecks.

The bug I’m spoke about in the first paragraph, despite its size, is the fastest in the world and it’s known as the tiger beetle. The problem it has with its rate is its eyes. In simple words, it runs blind

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